Digiprog 3 Digiprog3 Digiprog III support vehicles list

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Digiprog 3 Digiprog3 Digiprog III support vehicles list
Digiprog 3 Digiprog3 Digiprog III support vehicles list

You can make sure if it can support your car model or not here.

Digiprog 3 FAQ:

About Errors That Occur During Usage
Q1: How to select the language what I want.
A1: Digiprog 3 DVD is German, but the operation is available with both English and German, after you turn on Digiprog 3, click "language" option to set.
Q2: With digiprog 3, how to convert KM to miles?
A2: Our odometer programmers change the mileage value in KM, if your car mileage value is in miles unit and it becomes into KM unit after programmed, go to reset back in miles unit in the dashboard menu.
Q3: what is Digiprog III power-on password?
A3: Digiprog 3 Power-on password is 1. After enter password "1", click tick" √"not " X", otherwise Digiprog3 will freeze.
Compared with the Other Products
Q1: What is the difference between tacho pro 2008 and digiprog 3?
A1: tacho pro 2008 and digiprog 3 share the same function. But tacho pro works with the car before 2006 year, digiprog 3 works with the car even up to 2012 year.
Q2: Can I use Digiprog3 (item No.SM33) ST01 cable and ST04 cable to work with Yanhua brand Digiprog 3(item No.SM33-B)?
A2: Yes, you can, but Yanhua brand Digiprog 3(item No.SM33-B) is better use this following adapter in the package, it works better and more stable.