What's Difference Between Vag KM+IMMO Tool and Micronas OBD Tool (CDC32xx)

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Micronas OBD Tool (CDC32XX) V1.8.2 for Volkswagen

Micronas OBD Tool (CDC32XX) V1.8.2 for Volkswagen

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Micronas OBD Tool (CDC32XX) programmer for Volkswagen and Skoda cars from year 2006.06 by OBDII diagnostic. VAG Micronas CDC32xx programmer supports odometer correction, PIN code read, EEPROM read/write, it is a multi-function and reasonable obd2 product.
Newest version is V1.8.2.
HOBDII.com provides this technical support for Micronas OBD TOOL (CDC32XX) V1.6.9 for Volkswagen, it mainly tells you about the difference between vag km+immo tool and micronas OBD tool.
micronas obd tool (cdc32xx) own more authorization than VAG Km+immo, which means micronas obd tool (cdc32xx) only cover CDC32xx, but VAG Km+immo have more functions than micronas obd tool (cdc32xx).


Is it the same company as supervag? They use the same software, very interesting!

A: Yes, VAG KM+IMMO TOOL working good, If some CDC32XX dash not supported in software, developer can add it in new update, Need only send him flash CDC32xx and 24C32 eeprom.