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MiScan M8 Wireless Auto Scan tool new for Toyota Honda Mitsubishi (stop producing)

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Product Description

Godiag M8 which based on PC is the latest wireless automotive diagnostic tool based on PC. It was designed by the new international standard, it can identify different vehicles intelligently and can support almost vehicles available in the market.

MiScan M8 Wireless Auto Scanner for Toyota Honda Mitsubishi

MiScan M8 is a new automotive diagnostic tool and specially designed for technicians according to the automotive industrial standard of Europe and USA.The compact vehiles communication interface, generally 16 pin connector makes it more easy andconvenient to take and use. With combines OEM professional software & universal software, greatly enhanced its powerful diagnostic functions, providing completecoverage of all vehicles systems including coding , flash programming & immobilizer.All those make a completive troubleshooter to be the first choices for technicians.
As the most compact universal auto scanner in the world, with a fashionable andpractical design, MiScan combines several dealer-level diagnostic software, together
with a competitive universal software.
MiScan is a genuine alternative to TIS & HDS& VAS&MUT-3&PADT. It providesquicker diagnostics, coding and programming than other Toyota & Honda &AUDI & Mitsubishi & Proton diagnostic tools. Additional features of I-SCAN II over otherdiagnostic tools include fitting aftermarket components and an increased number of retrofits.
MiScan is easy to operate. Information is displayed on the pc screen. With clear an friendly icons and interfaces, it allows user to get full and faster diagnosis.
MiScan includes all the power of the several original scanners, but at the price of only 1 scan tool

Kindly note that Our MiScan M8 can just work for TOYOTA, HONDA, MUT-3 now, other vehicle models are not available at present.

Newest Version:

Software: V3.0
Hardware: V3.4
Download Newest Version MiScan M8 software here:

1.1 Functions:
Adopt 16 digit Dual Cell specialized CPU, Full compliant with all vehicles protocols.
Diagnostic software accord with international standard, collocate communication port flexibly, less connectors support almost all vehicles socket.
Self-determination design for connectors and cables.
1. Compact vehicles communication interface
2. Windows PC based diagnostic software
3. Standard wifi and USB connection
4. Free to test cars within15-20m by wifi wireless communication( distance depends
on environment, the above distance is for reference)
5. Multiple automotive diagnostic protocols.
6. Access to power train, chassis ,body system with quick test function.
7. Toyota/ Honda /Mitsubishi programming
8. Toyota/ Honda /Mitsubishi immobilizer.
9. Stable and upgradable hardware ensures professional and practical performances
10. Full after sales service system, life time 1 to 1 service.

Coverage and capability:
1. Read and Display the data for different car makes components, like Engine, ECT, Multi-Mode M/T, Cruise Control, ABS/VSC/TRS, Immobilizer, SRS Airbag, Body and Power Source Control. PGMFI, AT, SRS, DBW(NSX), IMMOBI, ABS TCS VSA, 4WS, ATTS, EPS, IMA, VIM4, DIESEL, BRAKE , etc
2. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)—operates with manufacturers diagnostic trouble codes (DTC, also known as fault code) providing full accurate diagnosis.
3. Coding, programming and immobilizer for Toyota, Honda,and Mitsuhishi.
Compatible Software:
1. Toyota TIS Techstream






2.Honda Diagnostic System (HDS)




3. Multi Use Tester(M.U.T-III)
4. Universal software


2.1 Hardware Introduction

2.2 Hardware Connection Introduction


Packing List:

1pc x MiScan M8 Wireless Auto Scanner main unit
1pc x Kia 20pin cable
1pc x Mitsubishi/Hyundai 12pin cable
1pc x Mitsubishi/Hyundai 16pin cable
1pc x Nissan 14pin cable
1pc x Nissan 16pin cable
1pc x Ignition lighter Cable
1pc x CD

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