LISHI Series Lock Pick Set 28 in 1

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Product Description

LISHI Series Lock Pick Set 28 in 1 including total 28 lock picks for different car model.
LISHI Series Lock Pick Set 28 in 1

Total 31 lock picks for different car model, it including:

1. HU-100R                for new BMW

2. HU92                      All BMW car model before 2010

3. HU58                      Old BMW Car model before 2002

4. HU66(1)                 Porsche Jeep, Old BORA, Passat, Skoda before 2004 year

5. HU66(2)                 Porsche 911, all AUDI, Classic BORA, new Bora, Golf, POLO, Magotan, Passat, Skoda after 2004 year

6. HU43                      Old OPEL

7. HU100                    New OPEL, Daewoo, New Buick Regal, Cruze

8. HU39                      Old BENZ BENZ 140,old S320

9. HU64                      New BENZ

10. HU101                 Focus

11. HON60                HONDA/ACURA

12. TOY 2 track         New Crown of the new Toyota two track, the new 4700, the new Toyota off-road

13. TOY40(Japanese)  Old Lexus

14.  TOY40(Korea)    Opirus

15. TOY43                  Toyota Camry, Reiz, Corolla, Corolla

16. TOY48                  New Lexus, Toyota Crown, Cool Road, Chak

17. SAAB                    Old Saab

18. SAAB(2)               New Saab

19. VA2T                    Triumph new Peugeot 408,508, Citroen C5, the new Renault

20. HON66                Honda Accord, Honda Fit, Honda Civic, Honda City

21. HU83                   Peugeot 307

22. KIA                        Korea KIA Santa Fe

23. Hyundai               Old Hyundai

24. HY22                    New Hyundai K5 8-generation Sonata

25. HU56                   Old VOLVO Volvo S40 before 2003 year

26. NE66                   New Volvo Volvo S60 S70 S80 C90

27. MAZ24                 All Mazda Hainan Mazda Isuzu, Suzuki, Pentium, Buick Excelle

28. NE78                   Peugeot 406

29. SIP22                  Fiat

30. DAT17                Subaru

31. NSN14               All Nissan

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