How to do self testing on GM Tech2

gm-tech2-self-test_1_2014070406121243.pdf  (452K)

gm-tech2-module-and-vci-self-testing-manual_2_2014070406121244.pdf  (1.0M)
gm-tech2-rs232-self-test_3_2014070406121245.pdf  (408K)
gm-tech2-candi-interface-testing-manual_4_2014070406121246.pdf  (1.8M)
gm-tech2-keypad-test_5_2014070406121247.pdf  (406K)
gm-tech2-candi-interface-self-test_6_2014070406121248.pdf  (451K)

How to do self testing on GM Tech2?

If you got any problems with 
gm tech2 multiplexer, vci module, candi interface, keypad, or rs232 connvetor,  please download the attachment for GM Tech2 self test.
Then send us the report  online for technical support.

New release technical support on GM Tech2
gm tech2 gm diagnostic scanner operation video
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gm tech2 tis2000 installation video
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