Autoboss V30 Update Technical Instruction

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customer question:

Q: Which is best, diagun, launch or autoboss v30?
I was spoken to Polish legal dealer of Launch. There are no difference between Launch product.
I would like to have both (Launch and Autoboss), because there are come difference especially in French car.

Carman lite is the best, then Launch X431 master, then Autoboss V30, then MST-1 (AD-1 updation). Do not consider C168 ( it can not be updated)

i have launch x431, carman 1, bosch kts 570, vag com and an old snap on brick.
i had auto boss on loan for a month but much preferred launch for coverage. but at the end of the day all scanners have their own strengths and weaknesses.
most all use the same software for all of their products, so if you have launch diagun, master or x431, they still use the same software & retain all the same capabilites.
but overall I prefer launch for its large range, however, bosch is very good and never doesnt do a car that it says it will do.

They have same function,comprehensive diagnsotic tools,no need to connect laptop,test many cars.

Autoboss v30 have good choice on Europen cars.

Some like autoboss v30,others like.