What's the steps for purchasing on your website?

We accept payment via PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, Money Gram, and T/T. 

1. PayPal

PayPal is the most convenient payment for you.
Option One, you can directly place the order on our website, click  , and then go to your paypal account to finish the payment.

Option Two, you can add your favorite items into the shopping card, click , and then you can choose continue shopping or checkout
if check out, then click check out with PayPal  ,and then go to your paypal account to finish the payment.

Option Three, you can directly pay the item amout to our paypal address from your paypal account, and then leave us a message to tell the amout is for which items. Our paypal address is molenddypay@gmail.com.

2. Credit Card

You cannot pay via your credit card on our website, but you can create a PayPal account temporary and then charge your PayPal account with your credit card, and then use your paypal account to pay on our website.

3. Western Union or Money Gram

At first, you can place an order on our website: click and then click , and then choose Western Union , our customer service will tell you our Western Union or Money Gram account information to finish your payment.

4. T/T

You can do the steps as Western Union or Money Gram, choose
Our our customer service will also tell you our T/T bank account information to finish your payment.