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designed Multi-language Launch X431 Pad Auto scanner support 3G WIFI X-431 launch pad

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Product Description

X-431 PAD is the new generation tablet diagnostic scanner of LAUNCH for DBS (Diagnosis Based Solution) car system; configured with Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS, built-in printer and Pluggable DBScar connector; With wireless (3G, Wi-Fi) and Wired Network, One-key update and vehicle diagnostic functions (via Bluetooth communication);Extended functions: VGA/HDMI projection, Oscilloscope, Engine ignition analysis, Sensor simulation and test, Multimeter, Battery test, endoscope.Color touch screen, Easy operation.

Designed Multi-language Launch X431 Pad Auto scanner support 3G WIFI X-431 launch pad



Note:It doesn't have SD card, only has a 16GB hard disk.

Regarding updating:

It is not available for updating in USA and European countries. People in these countries can buy VPN for updating.

X-431 PAD Specification:

1.6GHz Dual Core Processor
Memory --- 2GB.
Hard Disk --- 16GB SSD
Battery --- 7400mAh, 7 hrs
9.7'' TFT IPS Wide Screen
1.3 million pixels (640 x480 resolution) camera
High speed thermal printer

X-431 PAD Feature :

Compact structure ,powerful hardware configuration
Rich multimedia
Twelve groups of data flow oscillogram displayed on one screen
Customized remote collaboration
The first high-end diagnostic product based on the car networking appllcation of LAUNCH Company ,combined with modern communication technology
Diverse internet applications
Various convenient one-key shortcuts
Convenient and flexible in use
X-431 PAD Software List:

No. Origin Software Name Version
1 -  Demo Software  V14.30
2  Smart diagnostic software  V17.27
3  Smart OBDII diagnostic software  V22.13
4 America  America Ford diagnostic software  V41.60
5  Chrysler diagnostic software  V28.01
6  GM diagnostic software  V42.50
7  X431, Acura Diagnostic Software  V10.43
8  X431, INFINITI Diagnostic Software  V10.31
9  X431, Lexus Diagnostic Software  V10.73
10 Australia  Australia Ford diagnostic software  V25.10
11  Holden diagnostic software  V40.00
12 Brazil  Brazil GM diagnostic software  V12.01
13 China  Brilliance Auto diagnostic software  V30.00
14  BYD diagnostic software  V17.01
15  Changan vehicle diagnostic software  V15.00
16  ChangCheng diagnostic software  V32.00
17  Changhe diagnostic software  V20.00
18  Chery diagnostic software  V45.01
19  GEELY diagnostic software  V17.00
20  Gonow Auto diagnostic software  V12.01
21  HaFei diagnostic software  V24.00
22  JAC car diagnostic software  V18.01
23  Jiangling diagnostic software  V12.22
24  SGMW diagnostic software  V17.00
25  Tianjin FAW diagnostic software  V16.40
26  Xiamen Golden diagnostic software  V13.00
27  XinKai Diagnostic software  V11.02
28  ZhongShun diagnostic software  V12.01
29  Zhongxing diagnostic software  V21.00
30  ZOTYE diagnostic software  V17.00
31 Europe  Audi diagnostic software  V26.30
32  Benz diagnostic software  V45.76
33 Europe  BMW diagnostic software  V45.60
34  Citroen diagnostic software  V40.46
35  Europe Ford diagnostic software  V40.30
36  Fiat diagnostic software  V32.60
37  Jaguar diagnostic software  V18.10
38  Lancia diagnostic software  V15.72
39  Landrover diagnostic software  V31.43
40  Opel diagnostic software  V39.93
41  Peugeot diagnostic software  V42.34
42  Porsche diagnostic software  V20.21
43  Renault diagnostic software  V40.75
44  Romeo diagnostic software  V18.51
45  Rover diagnostic software  V23.01
46  Saab diagnostic software  V21.32
47  Seat diagnostic software  V26.30
48  Skoda diagnostic software  V26.30
49  Transporter&V-Class diagnostic software  V19.43
50  Volkswagen diagnostic software  V26.30
51  Volvo diagnostic software  V41.61
52 India  Indonesia Daihatsu diagnostic software  V11.18
53  Indonesia Suzuki diagnostic software  V10.09
54  Mahindra diagnostic software  V11.03
55  MARUTI diagnostic software  V14.03
56  TATA diagnostic software  V13.03
57 Japan  Daihatsu diagnostic software  V19.90
58  Honda diagnostic software  V43.94
59  JPIsuzu diagnostic software  V13.30
60  Mazda diagnostic software  V37.90
61  Mitsubishi diagnostic software  V29.70
62  Nissan diagnostic software  V41.20
63  Subaru diagnostic software  V21.70
64  Suzuki diagnostic software  V33.00
65 Japan  Toyota diagnostic software  V46.90
66 Korea  Daewoo diagnostic software  V26.60
67  Hyundai diagnostic software  V47.90
68  Kia diagnostic software  V41.90
69  Ssangyong diagnostic software  V17.81
70 Malaysia  Perodua diagnostic software  V13.14
71  Proton diagnostic software  V14.14
72 Russia  GAZ diagnostic software  V10.14
73  VAZ diagnostic software  V13.05
74 S.Africa  S.Africa Opel diagnostic software  V10.60
75 Thailand  Thailand Isuzu diagnostic software  V13.30

X-431 PAD Packing List:

1 Main unit  201024815  X431-PAD host (QI FEI)  1
2 Connector  201024811  DBScar diagnostic connector  1
3  105040059  DBScar, DAEWOO-12 diagnostic connector integrated  1
4  105040078  DBScar,AUDI-4 diagnostic connector linear  1
5  105040083  DBScar,BENZ-14 diagnostic connector linear  1
6  105040072  DBScar,BMW-20 diagnostic connector integrated  1
7  105040067  DBScar,CHRYSLER-6 diagnostic connector integrated  1
8  105040085  DBScar,DAIHATSU-4 diagnostic connector linear  1
9  105040079  DBScar,FIAT-3 diagnostic connector linear  1
10  Y203010554  DBScar,FORD-6+1 diagnostic connector integrated  1
11  105040080  DBScar,GAZ diagnostic connector linear  1
12  105040065  DBScar,GEELY-22 diagnostic connector integrated  1
13  105040074  DBScar,GM/VAZ-12 diagnostic connector integrated  1
14  105040060  DBScar,HONDA-3 diagnostic connector integrated  1
15  105040068  DBScar,KIA-20 diagnostic connector integrated  1
16  105040063  DBScar,MAZDA-17 diagnostic connector integrated  1
17  105040076  DBScar,MITSUBISHI/HYUNDAI-12+16 diagnostic connector  1
18  Y203010556  DBScar,NISSAN-14+16 diagnostic connector  1
19  105040082  DBScar,SSANGYONG-14 diagnostic connector linear  1
20  105040070  DBScar,SSANGYONG-20 diagnostic connector integrated  1
21 Connector  105040069  DBScar,SUBARU-9 diagnostic connector integrated  1
22  105040084  DBScar,SUZUKI-3 diagnostic connector linear  1
23  105040062  DBScar,TOYOTA-17 diagnostic connector integrated  1
24  105040064  DBScar,TOYOTA-22 diagnostic connector integrated  1
25  105040081  DBScar,UNIVERSAL-3 diagnostic connector linear  1
26 Test cable  105020991  CReader VII USB download cable  1
27  105020989  DBScar,OBD I Adaptor BOX switch wiring  1
28  105020988  DBScar,OBDⅡ-16 Extend extension line  1
29  Y203010242  LIGHTER  1
30  Y203010270  CLIPPER  1
31 Software memory card  204011292  X-431 PAD overseas full configuration software package  1
32 Accessories  107011058  X-431 PAD manual (English)  1
33  107011060  X-431 PAD Quick Installation Guide (English)  1
34  102210101  X431-PAD host adapter(QI FEI)  1
35  102150010  Clipper fuse 5*20mm  4
36  102150012  Lighter fuse 6*30mm  2
37  107020654  Private & confidential  1
38  199010001  X-431 Printer paper  1



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